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Josie Cosplay by Kitty-Honey Josie Cosplay :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 413 34 Swimsuit Princess Zelda by logancure Swimsuit Princess Zelda :iconlogancure:logancure 1,521 41 Sayla Mass Cosplay 02 by Kitty-Honey Sayla Mass Cosplay 02 :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 297 9 [Commission] Violet Evans by Grey-sky-102 [Commission] Violet Evans :icongrey-sky-102:Grey-sky-102 175 24 Widowmaker, summer. by Taiss14 Widowmaker, summer. :icontaiss14:Taiss14 1,160 37 Poison Ivy by martaino
Mature content
Poison Ivy :iconmartaino:martaino 855 93
Mega Gardevoir gijinka by logancure Mega Gardevoir gijinka :iconlogancure:logancure 1,476 59 Dark Magician Girl - Yu-Gi-Oh! (2v) by Sciamano240 Dark Magician Girl - Yu-Gi-Oh! (2v) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 2,958 103 Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary by Temachii Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary :icontemachii:Temachii 264 10 Dreaming in red by Kitty-Honey
Mature content
Dreaming in red :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 496 25
Raven by Prywinko
Mature content
Raven :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,580 43
Ecchi Erza! by Kitty-Honey
Mature content
Ecchi Erza! :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 522 16
class:Assassin by ariverkao class:Assassin :iconariverkao:ariverkao 670 9 Sexy Sayla! by Kitty-Honey
Mature content
Sexy Sayla! :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 280 4
Come with me. Y'shtola by Prywinko Come with me. Y'shtola :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,606 46 Fate/Extra - Tamamo 3 by KiaraBerry Fate/Extra - Tamamo 3 :iconkiaraberry:KiaraBerry 423 14

E.L.F. Network Bulletin Board

Welcome to the E.L.F. Network Bulletin Board where we post special news and the selected photos/artworks from the daily Featured group submissions(thumbs images) of our sister sites(must also be a part of our network) to promote(to ensure more pageviews, faves, and watchers) our members from those groups, as well as informing them of the special events/contests held by all three groups that they are allowed to participate as long as they are a member of either Ecchi-Fanartists AspiringAnimeArtists and/or Cosplay-Dolls . The materials posted in this board will be updated regularly(atleast twice a week), so please check often.

From Our Sister Site :iconcosplay-dolls::

From the Daily Featured Gallery Submissions:

:thumb208175906: :thumb208176036:
Tifa Lockhart by JuTsukinoOfficial Cammy White by JuTsukinoOfficial
PSG - Bitchplay by MissNoblesse Felicia ID by Shoko-Cosplay
Angel Cosplay 08 by Bastetsama-Cosplay :thumb192385480:
You Lose by MIKAD092 :thumb173587651:
:thumb139917404: kitty wants some milk by cake-land
I think in the future and you? by JuTsukinoOfficial :thumb206624258:
Atashi no Inu by Personified-Insanity Nude Horo in Apples Spice Wolf by andrewhitc
Panty by NatalieCartman Castlevania - Succubus 2 by adelhaid
:thumb180018023: Xenobia - Lunar: SSSC by FireLilyCosplay
Deedlit Shooting 02 by ElbenherzArt Pirotess: Poor Fool by etaru
FFVII Tifa Lockhart Cosplay - by Peppermint-Tea Viola 1 by A-Teen
:thumb206726754: Hatsune Miku - the apple by JuTsukinoOfficial
Goddess with Black Wing by lady-narven Purity of wind by lady-narven
:thumb208190940: Laughing Octopus by Narga-Lifestream

From Our Sister Site :iconecchi-fanartists::

* Featured Gallery Submissions Are Not Applicable For This Group

* Please note that all of the stunning images which are posted in this bulletin are exclusively from our members' submissions within our sister sites that are showcased in their respective "Featured" galleries .

A3's Mini-Contest Bulletin!

We are launching new activities just for our group members(you have be a member of AspiringAnimeArtists to be able to participate) where he/she can win actual DA points(the points given will depend on the difficulty of the theme presented) as prizes given by the group's Founder(Elf-Hunter). For this game, all you have to do is to be the first one to correctly answer all of our anime/manga/game/groups-related questions; just send us your answer(s) by using our group notes aspiringanimeartists.deviantar… . After our first mini-contest is over, this mini-game display will be positioned here in our frontpage. Remember that these mini-contests will be held without any warnings(no announcements will be given) so be sure to check here often.

Ps. The mini-contest trivia questions will be posted here, so check often!

A3's Mini-Contest,

*** Expired on 5-7-2014 *** Group mini-contest participation is now closed

Please provide the name for each of the anime that the following pet/mascot(the name and the type of species given) make an appearance

1. Mr.Tadakichi - dog

2. Bob - cat

3. Mimika - rabbit

4. Hiroyuki - penguin

5. Tonkatsu - pig

6. Tochumaru - mouse

7. Pochi - alligator


300 dA points

Previous winner - :iconblue-colibri: 200 dA points on 4-8-2014

* Please submit your answers to our group notes aspiringanimeartists.deviantar… with the heading "A3's Mini-Contest Submission". The first member to submit the correct answers before anybody else wins! Also, the winners cannot participate for the duration of 1 month after receiving his/her prize so that our other members can take the opportunity win as well. Good luck! ^^

Click On The Banners Below To Commission Our Contributors! ^^

* If any of our Contributors would like to add his/her custom banner here, please note me with the links to the image & the journal with the commission details.




Gallery Folders

Lonely Yearning by teturo
Skjota Open by teturo
Girl by KFRworks
Contributors' Art Gallery A to K
|CM| Good morning by GigaMessy
Eclipse by GigaMessy
Caelum by GigaMessy
|CM| Ishtar Aria by GigaMessy
Contributors' Art Gallery L to Z
Triss Merigold by Prywinko
2B by zipskyblue
:: Angel of Destruction :: by Sangrde
Contributors' Cosplay Gallery
Junko Enoshima-DANGAN RONPA by 0kasane0
Anesthetic Cosplay Commission - 06 by Bastetsama-Cosplay
Anesthetic Cosplay Commission - 01 by Bastetsama-Cosplay
Bioshock Infinite: Sshh! The Songbird's Coming! by TraumaticCandy
Females From Anime And Manga - Colored
Adopt Auction (Open!~) #25 by Dreaming-Witch
S5 - Samus Aran Fanart (Final) by LaosDeus
S4 - Rem - Re:Zero Fanart (Animated) by LaosDeus
Hatsune Miku chibi by KuroHana-dono
Males From Anime And Manga - Colored
Crowley Eusford- autumn by Assink-art
Happy Valentine's Day (2018) by AyuNeet
All Might  by DakzpeR
Todoroki and Yaoyorozu by Erin-AoLunx
PC And Console Game Females - Colored
Nidalee Rework by Exael-X
Rui, the fairy of Houseki forest by KuroHana-dono
Zhuque Mercy by Claarin
Futaba Sakura by KUMANZART
PC And Console Game Males - Colored
Riku and more Rikus: A Sketchpage by Mochiaa
Piece of My Heart (Link Breath of the Wild) by ChloexBowie
Stealing to the Shallows by ChloexBowie
KH3 Sora - Happy Valentines day by KUMANZART
Comic-book Females - Colored
Queen of Hearts by Celiarts
Wonder Woman by logancure
Starfire and Blackfire by KUMANZART
Supergirl optional NSFW on Patreon by evandromenezes
Comic-book Males - Colored
What the what?! by AMO17
Black Panther by AMO17
[+Video] Cutter of Elfquest by Nukababe
Just Another Boy without a Crown by Mochiaa
Original Female Characters - Colored
Kyiv Girl by Nukababe
Original Male Characters - Colored

Mature Content

Com: Lucas Yoon by animetist
Cartoon Characters - Colored
Angels, Demons, Fairies, And Elves - Colored
Adriana Alencar as Morrigan by AdrianaAlencar
Fantasy And Sci-Fi Characters - Colored
Alice by VKovpak
Furries And Anthro - Colored
Happy valentines day! by Loodicrous
Robots And Cyborgs - Colored
Marion Robotics by OnShiGou
Monsters, Ghosts, Undead Creatures - Colored

Mature Content

Commission: Robyn by FranceAnton
Kawaii Chibis - Colored
Com: RO: Chibi GM Ivy by animetist
Characters From Movies, music, TV - Colored
It doesn't have to be a snowman by Esther-Shen
Miscellaneous Artworks of People - Colored
Elf Sun COLORED [w/ Video] by AJthe90skid
Couples - Anime, Games, Comics, Original Art
Melody of Your Heart by ShiryuuAkira
Fan Service Artworks - Colored

Mature Content

C: Azimi by The-Moonbound
Various Artworks of Animals - Colored
Deeper (little study of crow) by Amolitacia
Scenery And Elements of Nature - Colored
Kingdom of Tein the Dragon Mistress by hanninordin
Objects, Weapons, Machinery - Colored
Rainbow Lotus... by Datat-Sushi
Pencil-Shaded And Black-White Artworks
Sophitia and Xianghua by KUMANZART
Fully Finished Linearts
Rammy by Rammy-chan
Manga, Comic Strips And Panels
Nomz by Twinkiesama
Cool 3D Works
Animation Clips And Slides
Hey! by CheddarPrince
Anime And Manga Cosplay - Female
Bulma Bunny! by AdrianaAlencar
PC And Console Games Cosplay - Female
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Farron Cosplay by Fantalusy
Comic-Book And Cartoon - Female Cosplay
The Amazing Mary Jane Watson! Teaser by AdrianaAlencar
Furries And Anthro Cosplay - Female
Ewok cosplay by adami-langley
Miscellaneous Cosplay Photos - Female
Shunya Yamashita's Pirate Girl by tajfu
Fan Serivce Cosplay Photos - Female

Mature Content

Get the jinx by AgosAshford
Anime And Manga Cosplay - Male
Waiting for the Rain (Hitokiri Battosai) by SugarSongBitterStep
PC And Console Games Cosplay - Male
Armored Spider-Man - Power and Responsability by DashingTonyDrake
Comic-Book And Cartoon - Male Cosplay
Iron Man MK VII ~ Do you want to build an armor? by kazereivolt
Furries And Anthro Cosplay- Male
Not so happy Inuyasha by LaMisere
Miscellaneous Cosplay Photos - Male
Iori Yagami - Doshita? II #KOF by DashingTonyDrake
Crossplay Cosplays - Male And Female Roles
Bonds (Hakuouki) by SugarSongBitterStep
Group Cosplay Photos
Inside Out - Driving me crazy by tajfu
Cosplay Couples
Under My Umbrella ( RanSano) by SugarSongBitterStep
Cosplay Slides, Clips, Animations, And Video
Trick or Treat? - GIF by AdrianaAlencar
Submit Your Art Here For Helpful Critiques
Biker Sorceress by Murashi-Art
Essential Tutorials
Chibi Couple Base (Extended Chibi Base Set #28) by Nukababe
Anime-Related Merchandise And Figurines
Brightly Blaze by bhsdesk
A3 Group Mascots
Adopt Auction (Closed) #21 by Dreaming-Witch
A3 Group Activities Folder

Group Guides And FAQs

HOW TO JOIN: :dance:

To become a member, just click on the button, "Join Our Group", located near the top(on the left column) of our front page; for the present time, all join requests are automatically approved.


We now have our own community chatroom! Wanna discuss about anime, manga, v-games or even about life in general? Click the link below and join us or invite a friend! :blahblah:

Click on this…


:spotlight-left: :star: Click Here To Read Our Group Rules, Submission Guidelines, & General Information :star: :spotlight-right:


Favorites: This very special gallery showcases what we consider as true masterpieces that were specifically chosen from our Featured gallery and also from that of our sister groups of our network as well.

Featured: This gallery is reserved for the highly inspirational works(including artworks, photos, and tutorials) that were carefully chosen by our dedicated staff from those submitted to group by our members consisting of super-talented artists, photographers and truly awesome cosplayers.

Contributors' Art Galleries: As the name implies, these 2 special galleries(grouped and separated by alphabetical order) are reserved for the truly exceptional traditional/digital artists who are our group's highly respected Contributors, and also house their personal gallery folders as well.

Contributors' Cosplay Gallery: This gallery is reserved for our truly awesome and highly dedicated cosplayers and photographers who were carefully selected as group's Contributors, and also house their personal gallery folders as well.

Females From Anime And Manga - Colored: All of your popular anime and manga-related female colored artworks should be submitted to this gallery.

Males From Anime And Manga - Colored: All of your popular anime and manga-related male colored artworks should be submitted to this gallery.

PC And Console Game Females - Colored: Any colored fanart related to the popular female characters from pc/console gaming world should be submitted to this folder.

PC And Console Game Males - Colored: Any colored fanart related to the popular male characters from pc/console gaming world should be submitted to this folder.

Comic-book Females - Colored: This folder is where you'd submit sexy colored fanarts of your favorite/popular heroine, femme fatal, and seductive female villains.

Comic-book Males - Colored: This folder is where you'd submit sexy colored fanarts of your favorite/popular heroes and villains.

Original Female Characters - Colored: Do you have a unique female character(s) that you've created which you want to share with our members? Well, be sure to submit your colored work here.

Original Male Characters - Colored: This is the place to submit the colored works of your original male characters.

Cartoon Characters - Colored: Please submit your colored fanart of both popular female and male cartoon character(s) in this gallery.

Angels, Demons, Fairies, And Elves - Colored: This gallery is reserved for the 4 of the most popular fantasy/fairytale non-human female and male(including both original and fanart) colored artworks that we receive from our members who are also highly-talented artists.

Fantasy And Sci-Fi Characters - Colored: Colored artworks of fantasy(such as princesses, wizards, mermaids, dragon-girls, etc.) and sci-fi(aliens, space hero/heroine, futuristic beings, etc.) characters should be submitted in this gallery.

Furries And Anthro - Colored: This is where you should submit your furry/anthro(including both original and popular anime/game female and male characters) colored artworks.

Robots And Cyborgs - Colored: Colored artworks of female/male cyborgs, robots, virtual and mechnized beings(both original and fanart) will be welcomed in this gallery.

Monsters And Undead Creatures- Colored: Artworks(both original and fanart which are colored) of monsters, vampires, zombies, and other undead creatures(both female and male) should be submitted to this gallery.

Kawaii Chibis - Colored: Do you love drawing super-adorable female/male chibi(super-deformed) characters? Please submit your colored artworks(both original and fanart) here.

Characters From Movies, music, TV - Colored: Submit your colored artworks of popular movie stars, singers, and even animated 3D characters(such as from "Frozen") to this folder.

Miscellaneous Artworks of People - Colored: Colored artworks that do not belong to any of the other categories from all of the folders we offer in our group or not properly tagged as fanart or original should be submitted here.

Couples - Anime, Games, Comics, Original Art - Colored: Colored artworks of couples(both original and fanart) from anime, manga, games, comics, and original works will be posted in this gallery.

Fan Service Artworks - Colored: So, do you have sexy(mildly ecchi) colored artworks that you want to share with our group? Be sure to submit them to this gallery. Please do not submit artworks that have visible partial or full nudity nor with any types of graphic sexual acts since they will be declined.

Various Artworks of Animals - Colored: If you are planning to submit colored artworks of animals, this is where you should submit them.

Scenery And Elements of Nature - Colored: Please submit your colored artworks of nature or other types of sceneries here.

Objects, Weapons, Machinery - Colored: Did you want to share any colored artworks of some awesome unique objects, deadly weapons, or even futuristic machinery? Be sure to submit them here.

Pencil-Shaded And Black-White Artworks: All of your pencil-shaded, black-n-white(inked), and monochromatic artworks(both original and fanart) of females and males belong in this gallery.

Fully Finished Linearts: All of your lineart submissions(including original and fan-works) should be submitted to this folder.

Manga And Comic-book Panels: Do you wish to share your comic/manga(both original and fan-work) strips/panels(either colored or black-n-white,) with our members? This is the folder that you'd submit them to.

Cool 3D Works: Please submit all of your 3D artworks to this folder.

Animation Clips And Slides: All of our members' animation artworks/clips/slides should be posted here.

Female Cosplay Photos: Our lovely female cosplayers can post their cosplay photos(no nudity allowed) to the following galleries and share them with all of our grateful members: Anime & Manga, PC And Console Games, Comic-Book & Cartoon, Furries & Anthro, Miscellaneous(including original, vocaloids, and any other cosplay theme that does not have it's own gallery), and Fanservice(no partial or full nudity allowed).

Male Cosplay Photos: Our dedicated male cosplayers should post their cosplay photos(no nudity allowed) to the following galleries: Anime & Manga, PC And Console Games, Comic-Book & Cartoon, Furries & Anthro, Miscellaneous(including original and any other cosplay theme that does not have it's own gallery).

Cross-Play Cosplays - Male And Female Roles: - For both female and male cosplayers who like to challenge themselves by taking on opposite gender roles from anime, games, comic-books, etc. Please post any of your cross-play photos(no nudity allowed) submissions inside this gallery.

Group CosplayPhotos: - Dynamic scenes of cosplay images with your male/female pals, or just hanging out together and sharing the fun! Any cosplay photos with two or more cosplayers should be submitted here.

Cosplay Couples: - Intimate images of cosplaying couples exchanging hugs, kisses, and other lightly passionate physical contact(no graphic sexual scenes nor nudity allowed)

Cosplay Slides, Clips, Animations And Videos: - Cosplay images(no nudity) that have movements of any kind or contain multiple, separate images in a photo(slide) should be posted here.

Submit Your Art Here For Helpful Critiques: Place to submit your artwork to receive helpful critiques for our dedicated members(no flaming allowed).

Essential Tutorials: You will definitely find helpful tips, instructions, and guidance from super-talented artists who generously have created and submitted tutorials that will help you find the path to becoming a better artist.

Anime-Related Merchandis And Figurines: This is the place to submit photos of your personal treasures(such as figurines) that express the beauty of both the female and male figures(no nudity).

A3 Group Mascots: This is the special folder to showcase our present and upcoming group mascots .

A3 Group Activities Folder: This is where you will find submissions from our members related to contests, giftart, stamps, and miscellaneous group projects posted in this gallery folder.


Type of Submissions That We Do Accept:

:bulletgreen: Anime-style, comic-style, toons, chibi, 3D and traditional artworks

:bulletgreen: Fanarts(from anime, manga, games, etc.) & original character artworks

:bulletgreen: Anthro and furry

:bulletgreen: Supernatural characters(angels, demons, fairies, elves, etc.)

:bulletgreen: Robots and cyborgs

:bulletgreen: Chibi artworks

:bulletgreen: Manga strips and panels(both fanarts and original)

:bulletgreen: Comic-book characters

:bulletgreen: Traditional pencil-shaded and inked artworks

:bulletgreen: Fully finished linearts

:bulletgreen: Collaborations & commissioned artworks

:bulletgreen: Cosplay photography

:bulletgreen: Useful tutorials that our members can utilize

:bulletgreen: Photos of statues, models, figurines and other related goodies

Type of Submissions That We Do Not Accept:

:bulletred: Anything showing partial or full nudity will not be accepted

:bulletred: No depiction of any sexual acts including masterbation(even implied)

:bulletred: Except for light kissing and hugging, anything more graphic yuri(girl-girl) or yayoi(boy-boy) images are not allowed

:bulletred: Definitely nothing illegal or obviously against DA submission policies

:bulletred:No underage erotica; this means no sexual or highly-suggestive images regarding an underage female character(s) since it is against DA policies

:bulletred: No unfinished works(WIPs) quick sketches, low-quality(picture resolution) nor mediocre(the overall picture that is displayed) images; please try to submit quality artwork(s) if you don't want your submissions to be declined by our group's administrators

:bulletred: No extreme graphical violence, gore, and/or excessive blood

:bulletred: We are not accepting any types of stories/literature(hentai, ecchi, or otherwise) at this time

:bulletred: Any artworks/cosplay photos that you've "placed in storage" will be deleted from our galleries

:bulletred: Please do not resubmit work(s) that has already been turned down by our staff

:bulletred: Any artwork that is copied, traced, and/or stolen from other artists, cosplayers, and/or photographers will not be tolerated, including "colored" art that is not fully created by the submitting artist(unless it is a collaboration or received a permission from the original artist to use his lineart)


:bulletred: Do not spam.

:bulletred: No flaming nor insults are allowed for any of our members' submissions or towards others within our community. You will get only one warning after you violate this rule, then will be permanently banned from our group on the second offense! Trolls and/or those who belong to known hate groups are definitely not welcome in our community

* Please note that the founder(Elf-Hunter) reserves the right to make any changes, decisions, and final judgements regarding any issues that involves this community. If you have a legitimate problem(s) that you cannot seem to resolve with a staff member or have some awesome ideas/suggestions that you want to share specifically with me to better serve our community members, please feel free to note me anytime. Thank you. ^^

:iconcosplay-dolls: - Cosplay-Dolls

* We are a dA group that specializes in showcasing the truly captivating cosplay images of our exceptionally beautiful female members. This is where you can see your favorite characters(from anime, manga, games, etc.) come to life from their 2-dimensional worlds as our fully dedicated cosplayers transform themselves into these truly awesome fan-favorite personalities. And they will definitely mesmerize you with the tantalizing glimpse of their super-kawaii(meow!) original characters as well. Welcome to the sweetly sensuous and highly addictive world of Cosplay Dolls! :heart:

:iconecchi-fanartists: - Ecchi-Fanartists

* This is a group that pays tribute to the incomparable beauty of the female form by showcasing super-sexy artworks, mesmerizing cosplay photos and glamour images that were created by our highly-talented members. It is an adult-oriented group(members must be at least 18 years old to join) which accepts artistic nudity(as long as it adheres to the submission guidelines) into its appropriate galleries. Both join requests(just need to confirm that you are over 18 years of age) and submissions(only accepts quality works) must be approved to insure a mature audience who fully appreciate the truly exceptional works that are submitted to this highly-popular super-group.

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